Are You Still Suffering From Cellulite? Here Are 10 Treatments to Consider


Cellulite can be a painful sight for women, and can have a significant impact on their self-esteem. It is a rippling effect on the outer layer of skin that appears crinkled. It usually appears in areas of the body where excess fat is being stored. However, there is hope for all you women out there that dread the quickly approaching bathing suit season. Here we discuss a few hints and treatments out there to help you rid yourself of this awful sight.

Why Do You Get Cellulite and Where It Tends to Show

You may be surprised, but just because you have cellulite it does not mean you are overweight. Actually no woman is safe from cellulite. It tends to show on most women in the thigh area, and around the rear. Other women tend to get it in the upper arm, or on the stomach, especially after childbirth. Even if the cellulite is not visible to the naked eye, if you were to grab a large portion of your thigh and pull it together, you could see traces of cellulite hiding under the skin. As you get older you are more susceptible to getting cellulite, this is do to the fact that as we age, our amounts of collagen are depleted, and the skin becomes less elastic. This is the same reason why we develop wrinkles when we age.

What Causes Cellulite

Cellulite is caused from fatty cells that lie underneath our skin, in a layer referred to as subcutaneous. There are many determining factors to why women get cellulite, but no over-arching theory. Some typical determining factors are age, weight, skin type, thickness of skin, and of course gender. The amount of collagen that your body naturally produces is said to play a large role. Your diet could be an obvious cause, as cellulite is a fat that tends to be hard for the body to rid itself of. Women also tend to store fat in certain areas of their bodies, which could be linked to reproduction. The effect of this fatty tissue is that it is pushed towards the skin creating a rippled look to the skin.

Treating Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the hardest things to get rid of, and some doctors say it is impossible. However, there have been a few methods tested to lessen the effect and appearance of cellulite.

Treatment #1 – Creams

Creams are a good method to keep the skin young and moisturized. So they will have an effect of cellulite. Now you will not be getting rid of the cellulite, but creams and lotions tend to make the cellulite appear less severe. The great thing about creams and lotions is that you do not have to go through any surgical procedure to see an effect. There is no wonder cream out there, and if the cream claims it will get rid of cellulite, they are lying.

Treatment #2 – Body Wraps

Body wraps are a great option if you are trying to avoid undergoing any surgical procedures. They are offered at many spa and health stores. Wraps help to tone your problem areas, by ridding your body of excess water. The con to body wraps is the results are very temporary, so you will lose the effect after a few hours.

Treatment #3 – Diet and Exercise

This is probably the best thing you can do or id your body of cellulite. By dieting and exercising you will cut fat and tone your body so you can reap the long-term benefits of having no cellulite. There is no surgery, only the pain of cutting back on some of your favorite foods.

Treatment #4 – Massage

Massage is a great method, as it can help reduce stress and muscle problems, as well as, get rid of problematic cellulite. However, you will not get rid of the cellulite, massaging only covers it up by adding volume to your skin.

Treatment #5 – Endermologie Lipomassage

This is a mechanical device that is used to massage your problem areas. It is more effective then your average massage, but is more expensive.

Treatment #6 – Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a lot like the previous two massage methods. However, it works at a cellular level, meaning it is more effective for cellulite treatment, rather then hiding the cellulite. It is basically a laser massage.

Treatment #7 – Liposuction

Liposuction can be used for a variety of reasons. It is also effective for issues with cellulite. The problem with liposuction is that it is surgical, so your recovery is something to keep in mind. Liposuction is when deeper fat is vacuumed out of the body. It is more useful for cellulite if you are overweight.

Treatment #8 – Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is not surgical, but it is painful and expensive. Similar to botox it is a chemical that is injected directly into the cellulite. It does have an effect, but you must keep it up.

Treatment #9 – Lipodissolve

Lipodissolve is a mix between liposuction and mesotherapy. Basically deeper fats are injected and the chemical has a dissolving effect on the fat. However, it is not used for cellulite directly.

Treatment #10 – Velasmooth

Velasmooth is a combination of light, sound and massage techniques, which are used to increase the elasticity of your skin, and to push the cellulite creating fat cells deeper into the tissue. Obviously, this is not getting rid of fat, but rather hiding it.

At this point, you have probably noticed a trend with cellulite. It is extremely difficult to get rid of. But do not get discouraged; try a couple of these remedies and you should fine one that is effective for you.

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