Blah Blah Blah – How to Break Through the Clutter and Recognize a Great Slogan Idea

I was driving down the road today and for the first time in a long time decided to pay close and conscious attention to the barrage of signs, billboards, and slogan ideas lam-basting me as I drove.

It’s amazing to me how fierce the competition is for my few seconds of attention and even more interesting to note that some of the stuff I was seeing actually stuck in my head.

For example, one billboard that caught my eye had a picture of a beautiful thirty something year old woman lying on the beach in a white bikini.

Being female, you might think that this image wouldn’t have even popped up on my radar, but I’m telling you, I LOOKED. And not only did I look, I began to imagine MYSELF lying on the beach, in that white bikini, being thirty something again, and looking and feeling perfect as if I was a model in a fashion magazine. Oh how perfect my life would be if only I could look just like her!

The billboard ad belonged to a local medical spa that does all sorts of “secret stuff” to keep you looking younger than you actually are. I know this because I happen to know someone who works there. She does various facial injections to remove wrinkles, smooth out lines, puff up lips, and plump up smile lines. In addition, they provide some sort of mini lipo procedure, skin tightening, and more.

The only other information on the billboard was the name of the medical spa. I thought to myself that the ad was fine for someone who already KNEW what services they provided, but no so good for those ladies that had no clue. They may think the ad was for was a bathing suit shop, a tanning salon, a weight loss program, or even a gym membership.

The point is that without some sort of slogan idea to tie the message together, the billboard was being lost to those who just didn’t know what services they provided.

As I continued to drive, I put my thinking cap on and started to come up with a few slogan ideas myself by putting myself in the customer’s shoes.

I tried to think of some of the problems a customer might have and then address it in a way that would cause someone to not only see the billboard, but to ACT from seeing the billboard by giving the company a call.

The real fear of getting older (at least in my case) is number one: looking way older than my husband (yikes!) and number two: looking way older than my friends (double yikes). So I guess you could say that I certainly would be interested in knowing how my friends are keeping themselves looking so good as I continue to find extra little thingys on my face and body that just don’t scream “youthful” anymore.

In trying to match the picture with a slogan with the intent on getting people to call for information, I would propose a slogan that hinted that natural beauty is not always natural with the slogan: “She Looks This Good For A Reason”.

As a driver with only a few seconds to spare, seeing the picture of the beautiful beach babe and the slogan “She Looks This Good For A Reason” would certainly make me stop and think… “Hmmmm… WHY does she look this good? What is the reason? What is her secret?

Do you agree with me? Why or why not? What would your slogan idea be?

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Source by Janice Walker Pinnington

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