German Spas – Culture and Modesty

Germany offers an estimated 900 spas, ranging from small hotel facilities to the lavish bathe palaces of Baden-Baden. As its citizens and tourists merge into these water worlds, different perspectives of nudity emerge. When towels drop, what defines modesty between cultures?

Having worked closely with many German colleagues, all were polite and conservatively dressed. I cannot recall a ribald conversation at work or in a tavern. While everyone was interested in each other’s families, private discussions were off-limits. On a sunny summer day some of these same polite and conservatively dressed Germans spent their lunch break sun-bathing in different stages of undress along the river banks.

It is not surprising Germans are relaxed about nudity at a spa. First, a visit to most beaches on the continent reveal many Europeans are comfortable lounging without all or portions of swimming suits. Second, Germans tend to be naturalists. Unwinding in the buff at a spa is considered gaining the most mental and physical health benefits from the water and steam versus soaking in soggy swimwear.

Germans are not nude missionaries. Whether you wear a swim suit or not at a spa, you will not get a leer or a laugh. Visitors from other countries will likely feel ignored, as their hosts focus on loosening up minds and bodies. The question becomes how do you feel being surrounded by bare people? If you are not sure, here are some tips:

  • A private or spa resort is more likely to offer same-sex changing rooms and facilities. Public spas are mostly suit-less;
  • Even in same-sex changing rooms, there are few privacy curtains;
  • A massage is similar to other countries. The therapists leaves, allowing time for you to slip out of a robe and between the sheets;
  • Most Germans in the tourist industry speak English. Ask the spa employees about your needs, and they will help;
  • Many of the major spas, like Baden-Baden, are massive facilities. If you are uncomfortable about swimwear options, try not to wander into another section.

People have been enjoying German spas with or without toga since the Ancient Rome. Two cultures see el natural from different perspectives.

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Source by Mark F Weber

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