How Long Will it Take to Lose 5-10 Pounds on Medifast?

I recently heard from someone who was in a pretty enviable position. She only needed and wanted to lose between 5 – 10 pounds to tone up in time for bathing suit season. After some research, she had determined that Medifast might be a good fit for her. She had tried the shakes and liked them, but was also willing to go on the plan full time for the quickest results. So, she wanted to know approximately how long it might take her to reach these goals. I’ll tell you my take on this in the following article.

A Five To Ten Pound Weight Loss On Medifast Doesn’t Take All That Long For Many People: Please keep in mind that everyone is going to be different. What you see in a friend or coworker might not be what you experience. However, having said that, many people fall within the range of 2 – 5 pounds per week for the first couple of weeks and then they taper down to 1 – 2 pounds per week after that. Also, I think it’s fair to say that the amount of the weight loss might vary from week to week.

It’s probably unrealistic to think that you might lose the exact same amount each and every week. However, it’s my observation that if you’re not happy with your results, you can usually bump up your results by committing to walking, biking, or moving around more. This doesn’t need to mean that you have to hit the gym or the weights. But if you’re burning even slightly more calories, you’re more likely to see more pounds lost at the end of the week.

It’s also probably fair to say that most of the people that I see in the 5 lb. weekly range during those first few weeks are very careful and deliberate with their lean and green meals and move a bit more than they used to. There have not been many weeks where I didn’t see better results when I committed to moving more.

Hopefully, as you can see from the ranges, losing five to ten pounds on Medifast should not take all that long, particularly when you first start the diet. If you’re on the lower end of the range, you’re possibly looking at a month or so. But, if you’re on the higher end of the range, you could be looking at weeks rather than months.

It’s certainly not out of the question to meet this goal with only one package or order. Medifast does offer both two and four week packages, although if you are figuring out the cost per meal, the monthly package is typically a better deal and usually offers coupons, specials, and discounts also.

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Source by Lindsey Price

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