I Lost 26lbs in 4 Weeks and Have Kept It Off for Over a Year – Now You Can Too!

At the end of last year I made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and for once, look good in a bathing suit when the summer came around. At the time, I was a very unhealthy person and was 5’7 and 186lbs. When I looked at the New England’s Medical Association weight and height chart, I realized that I was 25lbs Overweight!

I tried every diet program that was available on the market and invested well over $600 into my weight loss goals. I joined Work Out World, bought Slim fast, Nutri-system, Fitness Made Simple and even bought burn the fat: feed the muscle. It didn’t matter what I tried, none of them were ever a permanent solution. They all worked to a certain extent and I did manage to lose weight with all of them besides the Nutri-system program. But it didn’t matter. Within a few weeks after getting off the programs, I gained all of the weight that I lost right back!

So I looked for another weight loss program and the next ‘fad’ diet to come out so that it could aid in my weight goals. But still in my searches, none of these programs taught me how to keep the weight off forever. Eventually, I ran into an old friend from High School back in my hometown that used to be very Obese. To my surprise she was in the best shape of her life and very fit. I asked her what she did to lose all of the weight and she informed me about the weight loss for life program.

When I checked out the program I thought that it was just another program like all of the rest. I basically felt hopeless, depressed and lost all of my self-confidence. Actually, the only reason I purchased it was because it came with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So I figured when I failed, I would return my receipt and get a full refund.

When I began reading over the program I began to recognize that the Weight Loss for Life Program was not like any other program I’ve invested in before. It wasn’t an extreme diet, didn’t recommend starving yourself and was 100% against weight loss pills. I slowly began understanding how the entire process worked. The goal of this program was to teach you the proper foods that your body should be getting and recommended simple meal plans and exercise routines to follow. My favorite part about the program was that it taught me how to maintain my weight so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it coming back!

A little over a year to the day, I sit at a much healthier 160lbs and don’t ever worry about the weight coming back because I just didn’t go on a simple diet for a month. This program taught me how to change my life forever so that I never had to worry about weight management. It was without a doubt, the best product that I’ve ever purchased. I have recommended the weight loss for life program to my friends, colleagues, and even my siblings! It changed my life forever and got my self-esteem back and can do the same thing for you!

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Source by Tyler Knights

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